EngageFirst is challenging ‘traditional’ thought with our distinctive approach to business transformation and change management.

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Organizations neither have heart nor they have souls - people do. An organization is its people.

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Organizations today exist in a complex business environment and are expected to continuously improve on many fronts.

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In today's economic environment organizations are under great pressure to deliver 'more for less'.

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How many times have you thought that you got the most brilliant idea or the most workable plan and yet failed to implement it?

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We have adopted a business centric approach to delivering IM/IT services to our clients recognizing that in today's world knowledge and information management is mission critical for all organizations.

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Communicating with your stakeholders is no longer sufficient for a good stakeholder relationship, you need to engage them with a deliberate strategy.

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Our consultants have deep roots in the non-profit sector from perspectives such as volunteers, employees, directors and as professional advisors.

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EngageFirst prides itself in being focused on human development and that includes supporting Indigenous communities in addressing their issues related to capacity building, governance, social, and economic development.

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Supply chain optimization is a traditional area of focus for business performance improvement, and it always comes in focus in tough economic times

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Solutions That Work For You

Government of Alberta delivers its social welfare programs through several ministries.

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Government of Alberta announced the merger of its guardianship and trusteeship programs into a single organization (OPGT) to better serve Albertans.

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Organizations are constantly evolving and trying to adapt, perform and out-perform.

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EngageFirst has supported government and nonprofit organizations in development and alignment of organizational policies.

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The Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) of Alberta provides coverage for loss of income, costs of treatment, and for re-training of workers who have experienced work related injuries.

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Corporate Human Resources has the enterprise-wide mandate for human resource management in the Government of Alberta.

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EngageFirst has supported industrial and manufacturing clients and commercial airports in financing and financial planning of their capital plans.

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We have supported many organizations in procurement and contracting for services and commodities and in the process saved them millions of dollars.

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Alberta Environment had struggled to find a solution for storing and sharing the thousands of environmental site assessment reports that it stores and continued to receive each year.

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Hemant Kumar

Donna Bell

Sarita Dighe-Bramwell
B.Sc.(Psychology), MDP

David Feldman
B.Sc, MA, PMP, QMed

Di Meng

Sharon Rose-Ann Long

Barrie Stanton


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EngageFirst Management Consultants ("EngageFirst") provides consultancy and advisory services to businesses, corporations and public organizations. Our business is to facilitate the success of our clients. We have some of the best credentials in complex consulting engagements. We value our relationship with you - our client. We will go to any length to ensure your success and build a long lasting trusted relationship.

We bring our problem solving and client engagement capability in everything we do. As an example, EngageFirst has become a leader in solving one of the most nagging problems affecting delivery organizations in human services and social welfare sectors. We have created a framework called "Workload Assessment Model" for organizational improvement and workload management which is unique in its ability to deliver results.