EngageFirst Management Consultants ("EngageFirst") provides consultancy and advisory services to businesses, corporations and public organizations. Our business is to facilitate the success of our clients. We have some of the best credentials in complex consulting engagements. We value our relationship with you - our client. We will go to any length to ensure your success and build a long lasting trusted relationship.

We bring our problem solving and client engagement capability in everything we do. As an example, EngageFirst has become a leader in solving one of the most nagging problems affecting delivery organizations in human services and social welfare sectors. We have created a framework called "Workload Assessment Model" for organizational improvement and workload management which is unique in its ability to deliver results.

  • To add value to our clients with every engagement.
  • To be always committed to our client's success.
  • To become trusted partners to our clients.
  • To build lasting relationships through excellence in delivery.
  • To take assignments that are solution oriented and value adding for our clients.
  • To conduct our business in a manner that demonstrates social responsibility and for the common good.

We are different. We know that we look good when you look good.

We do not pretend to know your problems better than you do. But we have the tools and methods that help us analyze your problem and develop an understanding with a perspective that is holistic and unique.

We analyze your business problems so that all its impacts and dependencies are understood with clarity. Only then do we find solutions that address the real issues. We adopt consultative approaches to our engagement and we create solutions that have the support of all stakeholders and a distinctly better chance to succeed.

With our innovative thinking and leading edge methods and tools we get to the root of your problems and simplify it to bring clarity. A complex problem often requires a complex solution and we know how to get to it. We have the ability to see through the complexity. Our solutions are made to work.

EngageFirst presents the depth and expertise of experienced advisors and the responsiveness of a small firm. We bring a combined experience of over fifty years in consulting. We are a professional consulting firm and adhere to the highest standards of professional integrity. We place our clients first and believe that you are best served when we keep our professional skills updated. We have access to leading databases and publications which we leverage for developing our own capabilities and for benefiting our valued clients.

EngageFirst has a proven consulting methodology which has supported us in building excellent rapport with all our clients. Our consulting methodology is collaborative and mutually beneficial. It results in the client not just getting a solution for the problem but also gaining in knowledge and capacity to deliver similar results internally. This approach of building capacity within the client organization has enabled us to deliver results that are sustainable and clients that are ever more self-reliant. Our consulting methodology is based on four foundational pillars.

  1. Superior project management
  2. Knowledge transfer and capacity enhancement within the client organization
  3. Proactive relationship management with the client organization
  4. Effective tools and methods

Our focus on client involvement and collaboration in the project is in acknowledgement of our belief that a successful solution must be client centric – developed for the client and with the client. Continued client engagement is essential both from the perspective of transferring knowledge of the problem to the consultant and for transferring knowledge of the solution and the solution process to the client. Our solution delivery approach has four distinct phases.

  • Problem Definition phase relates to identification and clarification of the problem.
  • Research and Discovery is the process of expounding the issues with a focus on building a deeper understanding of the problem.
  • Analysis and Synthesis phase is when we focus on analysing the collected information from a 360 degree perspective.
  • Solution Development phase is when the final solution takes shape.

The concept of collaboration and client engagement is central and consistent in all the phases of our project delivery. This ensures that the consultants stay on target to solve the identified problem, ensures all current information is available to the consultants, ensures that the client is continuously aware of the projects status and progress, and enables learning and capacity building in the client organization.


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